Jodi Cohen and the lesson of being authentic

I had the distinct privilege of meeting a delightful woman by phone this morning. Her name is Jodi Cohen. Jodi is an improv artist, speaker, writer, humorist, and honest to goodness real person. Her work is a bright beacon of intelligence and joy in a world full of cynicism and fear. Her voice sparkles with enthusiasm as she talks about her work and even when she muses about the internal, personal work she’s doing to create more space in her life for learning and growth.

What a breath of fresh air!

After we hung up, I sat reflecting on what made Jodi sound so different from many other people I meet. What gave me the impression that she is authentic, interested in learning, and committed to creating happiness in her life and for people around her? What made me understand that her greatest satisfaction comes from helping others, not in promoting herself?

The confidence in her tone of voice, her choice of words, the way she looks at what’s next, building off of what’s been. A reflection of her training? Of course, and an excellent demonstration of it, too. But her motivation is what makes her special. She is genuinely interested in helping people grow. She left the safety and security of a “real” job to shape her talent and create opportunities to help people explore their lives, jobs, fears, and aspirations. Jodi invites people, through reflection and play, to take the risk of learning about themselves and growing into their closely-guarded potential.

My day was brightened by Jodi Cohen and I suspect yours would be, too. Check out her work at When you’re ready to play, learn, experiment and grow, give her a call.

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