Are We Measuring Ourselves to Distraction?

… and Tracking Ourselves to Ill Health? We live in a data-gorged world, where most everything can be measured in microns and progress can be tracked real-time. In theory, this rich availability of data should enhance every decision by helping us base judgments on data, not supposition, and logic, not emotion. Unfortunately, this very condition […]

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Why Truncated Thinking is the Confidence Killer

To all who face a challenging decision or dilemma: Keep on thinking! Truncated thinking is the all-too-common phenomenon in which the thinker encounters an aspect of a decision that is really tough and decides to postpone additional thinking in order to ‘do something more productive.’ To illustrate, let’s say a new product design reaches a […]

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To Improve Performance, Celebrate Discipline

There is something absolutely thrilling about watching a really good marching band, so imagine my delight in seeing eight drum and bugle corps from around the country perform at the Rotary Music Festival in Cedarburg, Wisconsin on Tuesday evening, July 3. What a perfect way to celebrate the 4th of July! The performances were awe-inspiring. […]

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Tips for Organizations on Keeping Top Talent

I hear it almost daily when I ask organizational leaders what their greatest challenges are: “Retaining our best and brightest.” “Keeping top talent.” When I ask what sorts of things they’re doing to meet this retention challenge, I hear an assortment of benefit ideas, some incentive compensation plans, and a smattering of development programs. Cosmetic […]

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