Tips for Organizations on Keeping Top Talent

I hear it almost daily when I ask organizational leaders what their greatest challenges are: “Retaining our best and brightest.” “Keeping top talent.” When I ask what sorts of things they’re doing to meet this retention challenge, I hear an assortment of benefit ideas, some incentive compensation plans, and a smattering of development programs. Cosmetic […]

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Don’t Lose Organizational Knowledge. Start Sharing Now

There’s a lot of talk and growing concern about the potential loss of organizational knowledge as Baby Boomers reach retirement age and younger workers face the prospect of heightened executive responsibilities with sometimes-meager preparation. There are several aspects to this issue. The first is the unfortunate fact that organizations typically do not invest in training […]

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Grooming your Companies Best and Brightest

Companies talk a lot about attracting and retaining the “best and brightest” as a means of improving their competitiveness and success, but when I ask for a description of the B&B, I get a lot of generalizations. Top of graduating class, proven track record, natural leader, high-energy ‘can do’ attitude, results orientation. Great characteristics, all. […]

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We All Have Different Workplace Skills

I spent the weekend doing something I hate–working on taxes. My kitchen table looks like how my brain feels: scattered, piled, pseudo-organized. Painstakingly, I made my way through receipts, carefully recording sums in the proper places, tallying once, twice, three times to make sure no error would invite an IRS visit. This is an over-reaction […]

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