Analysis of Susan Rice’s Message to Women

Given the tragedy in Benghazi, the search for truth far after the incident, and the growing suspicion of the US government, the appointment of Susan Rice to National Security Advisor is nothing short of incredible, meaning not to be believed.

I went back to watch her appearance on ABC News “This Week” with Jake Tapper on Sunday, September 16, 2012 to hear again her explanation of how a reprehensible video sparked the violence at the Consulate. It is quite something to behold. The tightness around her eyes and mouth as she explains what happened belie her words.

Rice repeated her story on a multitude of Sunday talk shows. In retrospect, one wonders why, which of course is at the heart of so many inquiries. Maybe she was eager to talk tough, intending to show the nation a no-nonsense woman capable of following Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. Ironically, this very performance knocked her out of contention for that role.

Perhaps she was eager to defend the president, her friend, whose bid for re-election may have been damaged by the truth. Maybe she was simply doing her job, unaware of the bald-faced fiction she was parlaying to an unsuspecting public.

Whatever her motivation, Susan Rice’s actions deliver a message to women that is short and to the point. Before you agree to be used, make sure the user is powerful enough to get you what you want.

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