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“The five skills are so important! I think we know how to use them, but we rarely take the time to be deliberate in our actions. This course needs to be taught everywhere!” – Class Attendee

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Susan MarshallThe Backbone Guide Series leverages the platform created by the original work and offers practical, actionable advice for specific audiences:  women, young professionals, geeks (including engineers, scientists, and technology workers), non-profit leaders, parents and educators.

Starting with a brief definition of what it means to have confidence, each guidebook addresses challenges and barriers, both real and perceived, specific to its audience.  Often these challenges arise because other people have inaccurate information, make inappropriate assumptions, and lump people into groups while judging them all the same—and usually defective.

In the context of these challenges, the guides offer practical skills and techniques to help readers become stronger, more confident, and more influential on the job, in the family, and in the community.  Each guide addresses common responses to pressure situations and shows how a strong backbone can change not only the outcome of a situation, but how others perceive you as well. It’s like having a self help life coach in paper form. Take control of your personal and professional development!


How to Grow A Backbone: 10 Strategies for Gaining Power and Influence At Work

To succeed in business today, an individual must be smart, competitive, resilient, tenacious, and fearless. In short, he or she needs a good, old-fashioned backbone. Start with this time tested self help approach to improve your work confidence, work better with co-workers, ask for a better salary and demand respect from your boss.

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Of Beauty and Substance: A Backbone Guide for Women

“Of Beauty and Substance: A Backbone Guide for Women” self help book addresses perennial complaints such as not being taken seriously, excessive worry about what others think, the fear of not measuring up, and a multitude of other challenges including habits and mannerisms that invite others to dismiss you. Multi-tasking to burnout, owning other people’s ‘stuff’ and learning to say ‘no’ are highlights, as well.

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Coming in the Series

The Rise of Emerging Leaders: A Backbone Guide for Young Professionals

“The Rise of Emerging Leaders: A Backbone Guide for Young Professionals” explores topics including generational assumptions that create barriers, the risk of inflated expectations, importance of vocabulary and appearance in establishing credibility and promotability, and how to take intelligent, purposeful risk as you develop your leadership capability.

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Minding the Social Fabric: A Backbone Guide for Non-Profit Leaders

“Minding the Social Fabric: A Backbone Guide for Non-Profit Leaders” addresses the common challenges of being (too) mission driven, serving escalating need while facing greater competition for funds, leading volunteers, dealing with passionate and polar-opposite viewpoints, the impact of shifting social values, how to create a vision that is both inspiring and realistic, and leading with confidence.

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Raising the Future: A Backbone Guide for Parents

“Raising the Future: A Backbone Guide for Parents” honors the difficulty and delight of parenting at a time of confused roles, changing social values, fuzzy boundaries, and the siren song of fame and fortune. Attitudes toward parenting vary by culture and personal experience, but confident parents shape a confident future.

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Empowering the Future: A Backbone Guide for Educators

“Empowering the Future: A Backbone Guide for Educators” acknowledges the noisy environment surrounding the teaching profession, while exploring backbone behaviors that demonstrate strength and respect in setting expectations, and bring pride and satisfaction to teachers. Expectations fuel opportunity. Drawing boundaries, managing difficult situations and people, refreshing their passion and finding rest seem simple and obvious actions. Having the courage to enact them can feel like the challenge of the century.

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