Foster Sustained Growth

Across the US and indeed around the world, an epidemic loss of confidence has eroded all of our most important institutions: families, schools, churches, businesses, non-profit agencies, and governments.

At the foundation of so much disappointment lies a growing sense of personal vulnerability and despair. The result is a sharply reduced ability to deal with life’s realities and an intense need to rebuild foundations.

Backbone Institute has responded to this need with products and services to instill new competence through mastery of five fundamental skills; elevating confidence through action-based learning and evidence gathering; and enabling intelligent, purposeful risk to foster sustained growth.

Do you have the courage it takes, at every level of your organization, to grow? Innovation, creativity and competitive advantage are hallmarks of organizational courage. When you are ready to boost yours, Susan A. Marshall can show you how.

Whether you have 200 employees, 2,000 or 20,000, Backbone Institute offers a scalable program that can help deploy confidence across your organization – onsite or to locations worldwide.

Engage Susan for your next corporate event or professional development series!

We’ve taken our popular Backbone Bootcamps that we’ve offered for years to individual participants and redesigned for small corporate groups of 8-20. Our 6-week bootcamp challenges participants to engage at a deeper level and apply new learning immediately and consistently.

At Backbone Institute, we believe that true transformation takes time in order to:

  • Prepare yourself mentally and emotionally
  • Work through difficult challenges
  • Make new behaviors stick

Why 6 weeks? While day-long corporate retreats or lecture-style events are a great way to kick-start the program, our 6-week action-learning format ensures that each participant truly embarks on a personal and professional transformation.


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