Meet the Founder

“I was honored to be part of such a high level leadership group doing this work together. I appreciated being ‘forced’ to interact openly and honestly. What a tremendous growth opportunity!” – Class Attendee

Meet the Founder, Speaker, Coach and Author Behind Backbone Institute

From the time Susan A. Marshall was a little girl inspired by JFK’s leadership challenge—the famous “Ask not” speech—Susan has been a student and practitioner of leadership and personal and professional effectiveness.

Susan A. Marshall is author, speaker and Founder of Backbone Institute, LLC, whose mission is to create a stronger, more confident future, one person or team at a time. Inspired as a little girl by JFK’s leadership challenge the famous “Ask Not” speech—Susan has dedicated a lifetime to the study and practice of advanced leadership development. Her corporate and consulting experience includes work with some of the world’s best-known organizations. She is an engaging and entertaining speaker, whose message challenges mediocrity. Susan has written three books, with plans for five more.

Founder Susan Marshall
susan marshall speaking

Corporate Experience
Susan’s corporate and consulting experience includes work with the following organizations:

  • Harley-Davidson
  • Best Buy
  • GE Healthcare
  • New York City Leadership Academy
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of America
  • Many others

Educational Experience
She has been welcomed as a guest lecturer at higher education institutions:

  • Several University of Wisconsin campuses
  • Marquette University
  • Alverno College
  • The University of Michigan Ross School of Business
  • The University of Chicago Graduate School of Business

Susan spends her time as author, sought-after public and business speaker and Founder of Backbone Institute, LLC, whose mission is to create a stronger, more confident, future one person at a time. Through personal experience and hands-on work with executives from diverse industries at all levels, Susan has had the privilege of helping thousands of people do the difficult and exhilarating work of growth. Susan is more than just a simple life coach. She digs deep to holistically transform your confidence so you can perform better in life and business.

Let Susan lead you or your team to transformational growth! Contact us today for more information on confidence classes, speaking engagements and more!