Easier Said Than Done!

This is a common response when faced with a challenge to grow.  You may have said it yourself.  The words are true!  It is always easier to talk about something than take purposeful action.  Thus, the noise that surrounds us every day!  And the millions of people who quietly trudge through day after unhappy day […]

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In Response To:

Have you noticed how responsive your life has become? You respond to email, voice mail, text messages, customer requests, business demands, sudden changes in circumstances, family needs, opinions, and news bulletins of all sorts. Responsiveness is good. In moderation. What is not good are the unintended consequences that develop when responsiveness overtakes purpose. When the […]

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Just for today

We all need a break from time to time. Borrowing a page from the 12-step program, here are some things to consider just for today. Just for today, I will… Pretend that my life is perfect. Let my loved ones be themselves with no comment from me. Appreciate how well my body works even if […]

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Proud of Chris Witty

By accident–actually happy circumstance–of birth, I have the incredible privilege of calling Chris Witty, Olympic Gold Medal speedskating champion, cousin. I’ve enjoyed many years of watching Chris skate, first at the outdoor cinder-sprinkled oval at Wisconsin’s State Fair Park and years later at the wonderful Pettit Center, a world-class training facility. I watched her rumble […]

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