Self-Determination is the Way to Freedom and Peace

It’s easy to understand why a lot of people feel like victims when companies are bought, sold, downsized, rightsized, re-engineered, restructured, and otherwise re-configured for reasons that seem to cater to the privileged. At the same time, people are hired, advanced, and given special assignments for reasons that appear absolutely mystical. If you’ve ever been […]

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Responsiveness is good. In moderation.

Have you noticed how responsive your life has become? You respond to email, voice mail, text messages, customer requests, business demands, sudden changes in circumstances, family needs, opinions, and news bulletins of all sorts. Responsiveness is good. In moderation. What is not good are the unintended consequences that develop when responsiveness overtakes purpose. When the […]

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Why I’m Proud of Olympic Speed Skater Chris Witty

By accident–actually happy circumstance–of birth, I have the incredible privilege of calling Chris Witty, Olympic Gold Medal speedskating champion, cousin. I’ve enjoyed many years of watching Chris skate, first at the outdoor cinder-sprinkled oval at Wisconsin’s State Fair Park and years later at the wonderful Pettit Center, a world-class training facility. I watched her rumble […]

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