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How to Get Your Boss to Take You Seriously

A common complaint among young professionals is that their bosses don’t take them seriously. While some deal with this by denigrating their bosses and trying to ignore them, others truly want to find ways to be heard and valued. Here are some facts and suggestions for building credibility. Fact: Your energy creates a reaction. Some […]

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The Notion of Thinking Globally and Acting Locally

I had the privilege today of listening to knowledgeable and accomplished business leaders talk about the opportunities and challenges of regional economic development in southeast Wisconsin. As is probably true for most economic regions around the globe, the story was one of terrific potential and knotty problems. Most of the problems are related to an […]

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To Ease a Crisis You Need to Suspend the Drama

Have you noticed the hysteria in our headlines lately? Everything is a crisis. Not only is the sky falling, it’s emitting catastrophic earth-warming waves as it does so. People are stabbing, robbing, chasing, kidnapping, torturing, mangling, and pummeling each other. And when caught, they demand their rights. Others, less violent but no less hysterical, lie, […]

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Tips for Dealing with Hotheads in Life

One of the greatest tests of one’s confidence and composure is dealing with someone who has come unglued with anger. Hotheads make everyone edgy and they can, depending on the age and experience of your workforce, become disruptive opinion leaders. How to deal with a hothead? First, if you are the object of their anger, […]

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Lessons Learned Thanksgiving 2005

Today is a special day set aside to give thanks and I’d like to share something I wrote a short while ago to encourage everyone I know to think about how lucky they are. No matter your circumstances, there are so many things to be grateful for. Happy Thanksgiving! IF YOU’RE LUCKY Every once in […]

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Finding the Courage to Forge a New Career Path

It’s a fascinating time to be involved with business. So many companies are struggling to understand what about their histories made them successful and what about the future will demand that they change. Our leadership, for example, is quite different today than it was when the barons of business called the shots. Big men (not […]

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