Any surprise?

Reading the most recent revelation about Trump’s disgusting comments about women should come as no surprise.  Look at the culture that surrounds us today.  Sex sells like never before.  Celebrities strut their stuff; sports stars flout their physicality; movies feature immorality and violence as standard fare.  Presidential campaigns are working hard to out-trash one another […]

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Stop Talking

Several weeks ago I sat down with three other people for a networking coffee.  None of us were friends, though we all knew one another’s names and had some sense of the work we do.  After the usual introductions, our conversation touched on a variety of topics from leadership to emotional intelligence to millennials to the […]

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Brexit Isn’t New

I have read a great deal about Brexit—United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union—both before the historic vote and in the aftermath.  Several things strike me.  At the risk of oversimplifying what I understand is a very complex situation, my first thought is that this type of action is not new.  When people who […]

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Managing Others

The key to successfully managing others: Start with yourself. Many managers today are over-stressed, under-appreciated, and always pressed for time. No wonder their teams don’t always get their best. No wonder, too, bad behavior tends to seep through organizations in tiny ways until suddenly people wonder why everyone is so unhappy. If you aspire to […]

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