Susan Rice’s Message to Women

Given the tragedy in Benghazi, the search for truth far after the incident, and the growing suspicion of the US government, the appointment of Susan Rice to National Security Advisor is nothing short of incredible, meaning not to be believed. I went back to watch her appearance on ABC News “This Week” with Jake Tapper […]

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Edit Your Stories!

Ladies! Life is challenging at the moment but you are not on the verge of collapse or ruin. Unless, of course, that is the story you are telling yourself. Do you realize how powerful your internal stories are? As an example, when a foot of snow falls on your property and you are responsible for […]

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A Breath of Fresh Air!

I had the distinct privilege of meeting a delightful woman by phone this morning. Her name is Jodi Cohen. Jodi is an improv artist, speaker, writer, humorist, and honest to goodness real person. Her work is a bright beacon of intelligence and joy in a world full of cynicism and fear. Her voice sparkles with […]

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Diversity and Gender

A friend sent two articles to me recently that highlighted diversity and gender issues. One criticized white University of Chicago students for hanging out in “gangsta gear,” drinking beer, and acting like they thought they were cool. Seems to me that’s pretty harmless college age messing around, but enough people thought it was in poor […]

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