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“I appreciated the notion of baby steps. Forward progress is not about instant and permanent transformation” – Backbone Institute Attendee

A Note From Susan A. Marshall

From dealing with conflict, to becoming an effective team player, these podcasts provide meaningful insight and knowledge about topics everyone can relate to.  Although the contact information may be dated, the content remains just as fresh and beneficial as when it was originally recorded.  A special thank you to Mathew Blades, our podcast producer! Mathew is a radio personality who has worked on some of the biggest radio stations in the country, currently heard each morning at KMPX, Mix 969 via iHeartRadio. On twitter @MathewBlades.

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      A Call for Leaders
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      Dealing With Conflict
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      How To Be An Effective Team Player
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      Leadership in Education
      Why is Change in Schools so Difficult?


      A Christmas Message from The Backbone Institute
      Get Ready for Bold Launch in 2010
      Cultivate Your Uniqueness
      Staying on Track with Resolutions

Interviews on the Dresser After Dark Show

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