Want to Establish Trust? Tell the Truth!

Contrary to the current popular belief that “political correctness” is the way to acceptance, I’d like to suggest that telling the truth is a powerful way to establish and fortify trust. When I say this, I am frequently asked: “Whose truth?” I used to be somewhat taken aback by this question because truth seemed an […]

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How to Get Your Boss to Take You Seriously

A common complaint among young professionals is that their bosses don’t take them seriously. While some deal with this by denigrating their bosses and trying to ignore them, others truly want to find ways to be heard and valued. Here are some facts and suggestions for building credibility. Fact: Your energy creates a reaction. Some […]

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Leaders Must Develop the Skill of Feedback

By now you’ve probably heard about the Wall Street Journal article of April 20th chronicling the heaping of praise on the youngest working generation and how businesses are struggling to keep up with the practice. Written by Jeffrey Zastrow, the article refers to employers “dishing out kudos to workers for little more than showing up” […]

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The Notion of Thinking Globally and Acting Locally

I had the privilege today of listening to knowledgeable and accomplished business leaders talk about the opportunities and challenges of regional economic development in southeast Wisconsin. As is probably true for most economic regions around the globe, the story was one of terrific potential and knotty problems. Most of the problems are related to an […]

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4 Essential Traits of a Great Leader

Leadership is a demanding role that requires a discriminating blend of expertise, awareness, courage, and persuasiveness. Expertise is functional, experiential, or perceived. What you’ve gotten good at, that others recognize, defines the first part of the leadership equation for you. It answers the question: “Do you know what you’re talking about?” Awareness is about how […]

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