Are We Measuring Ourselves to Distraction?

… and Tracking Ourselves to Ill Health? We live in a data-gorged world, where most everything can be measured in microns and progress can be tracked real-time. In theory, this rich availability of data should enhance every decision by helping us base judgments on data, not supposition, and logic, not emotion. Unfortunately, this very condition […]

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Why Truncated Thinking is the Confidence Killer

To all who face a challenging decision or dilemma: Keep on thinking! Truncated thinking is the all-too-common phenomenon in which the thinker encounters an aspect of a decision that is really tough and decides to postpone additional thinking in order to ‘do something more productive.’ To illustrate, let’s say a new product design reaches a […]

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How to Challenge the Cultural Status Quo

“Everyone knows that the old ways don’t work anymore. We want new people and new ideas, but they are so often disruptive because they don’t fit our culture.” I hear this a lot. How do you preserve existing culture AND introduce meaningful change? You don’t. Pick one and get to work on it. Get a […]

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Personal and Professional Growth Takes Time

Learning a new skill or adopting new behavior is a process. A process, by definition, consists of numerous steps usually followed sequentially and often requiring that one step be completed successfully before another can begin. Computer processes take a substantial amount of time to design; when complete they can make a lot of work seem […]

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How to Think Before You Communicate

Watch babies sometime to see how they try to express themselves. I had the delightful opportunity to spend time with my 10-month old granddaughter over the weekend and I was fascinated to witness her advancing communications skills. It got me thinking about how we learn to share what’s on our minds. Babies cry when they […]

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