Silly words

When people say, “You suck,” what does it mean? I don’t like you (a little or a lot)? I disagree with you? I think you’re stupid? I think you’re mean? You drink too much? When they say “F- you!” what does it mean? I want you to have intercourse? I want you to be raped? […]

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The Wills and The Will Nots

For generations, we have lamented the growing disparity between the Haves and the Have Nots and blamed it for the degeneration that surrounds us.   But this gap is a result of something more fundamental: the disparity between the Wills and the Will Nots. I had the privilege of attending the graduation ceremony for Leadership Waukesha […]

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Counteract TV!

I’m a huge football fan, so my television gets a workout on weekends from August through early February. Other than that, I don’t watch. So it didn’t occur to me until recently that businesses, families, and communities compete with sitcoms and reality TV for the definition of appropriate behavior. During football season, I see a […]

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I’ve been away from my blog and any sort of writing for quite some time. A long time, actually. In talking with Steve Jagler, editor of Biz Times Milwaukee, I justified my online silence with stories of client work, speaking engagements, and general busy-ness. I’m just like most of my clients. So why would I […]

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Something stupid

We’ve all done it. Said something stupid. The question then becomes, “Now what?” Should I keep quiet and hope no one heard me? Should I change the subject? Should I leave the room? All are options. I said something stupid a short while ago, but none of those options work for me. Why? I said […]

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