How Politics Mirrors Cultural Decline

Reading the most recent revelation about Trump’s disgusting comments about women should come as no surprise.  Look at the culture that surrounds us today.  Sex sells like never before.  Celebrities strut their stuff; sports stars flout their physicality; movies feature immorality and violence as standard fare.  Presidential campaigns are working hard to out-trash one another and the American people suffer the fallout.  Why are people demoralized?  Why is the drug epidemic so intractable?  Why is there such an undercurrent of anger and frustration pulsing through the nation?  Why, indeed.

Temptation and distraction are old as time.  New tools provide access, which encourages more activity.  More activity offers fleeting moments of fame to anyone willing to play.  That shame often follows is an inconvenient truth with little power in the moment.

Our distressing culture did not bloom overnight, as Mr. Trump’s comments demonstrate.  That some feel outrage or indignation is a good sign; such behavior is still repulsive.  What we do to counteract it is what matters going forward.   Men and women of decency and moral courage need to continue demonstrating a different way of life.  All of us need to turn away from foolishness to focus on solving our deepest wounds at home, at school, and in our communities.

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