Backbone Bootcamps

The best investment you can ever make is in yourself.


You cannot think or read your way to greater confidence!  You must work at it deliberately by challenging old assumptions, making new decisions, trying new behaviors, and systematically capturing your learning. Backbone Bootcamps provide the structure, challenge and support you need to grow this most important personal asset.

Designed for small groups of 8-20, our 6-week bootcamp challenges participants to engage at a deeper level and apply new learning immediately and consistently. At Backbone Institute, we believe that true transformation takes time in order to:

  • Prepare yourself mentally and emotionally
  • Work through difficult challenges
  • Make new behaviors stick

What You Can Expect

Greater confidence through mastery of Backbone Institute’s five fundamental skills in an action-learning format.

Instruction and inspiration from Susan A. Marshall, founder of the Backbone Institute, international author and renowned public speaker.

Personal journal to capture your unique insights.

Copy of one of Susan’s books from the Backbone Guide Series

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