How to Think Before You Communicate

Watch babies sometime to see how they try to express themselves. I had the delightful opportunity to spend time with my 10-month old granddaughter over the weekend and I was fascinated to witness her advancing communications skills. It got me thinking about how we learn to share what’s on our minds. Babies cry when they […]

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Facilitation is Not Leadership. Learn to Act.

Challenging times call for clear thinking, bold action, and a steady hand on the wheel. The best leaders are conscious of these requirements and mindful in their practice of them. They conduct swift but thorough due diligence, think through implications of their decisions, then act. They do not equivocate, apologize, or back track, and strong […]

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Are Leaders Still Learning to Lead by Example?

The debate over stimulus package elements, timing, and consequences is deafening. Embarrassing, too, as I listen to people who should know what they are talking about flounder in near-hysteria. The emotion of the times appears to overwhelm the logic. That’s worrisome. As I watch and listen, I wonder: Are we learning anything? Does history offer […]

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How Good Leaders Approach Decision Making

A lot of people struggle with decision-making as the same three pesky questions come up again and again. 1. What will happen if I do this or that? 2. What will others think of my decision (or more precisely, of me)? 3. What if I’m wrong? Of course there’s anxiety surrounding these questions because the […]

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