What People Really Mean When They Lose It

When people say, “You suck,” what does it mean? I don’t like you (a little or a lot)? I disagree with you? I think you’re stupid? I think you’re mean? You drink too much?

When they say “F- you!” what does it mean? I want you to have intercourse? I want you to be raped? I want you to be assaulted? I want you to stop talking? I am finished with you? I am angry with you? I want you to go away?

These expressions, so commonplace today, are silly.

When people say these words, here are some things I hear:

1. “I am frustrated beyond my current ability to stay engaged in the conversation and my vocabulary is very limited.”
2. “This is my habitual response when I am frustrated, scared or angry.”
3. “You don’t deserve any more of my time or energy.”

It is easy to dismiss people who say silly things, so if you want to be heard and respected, take a few minutes to collect your thoughts. Then pick words that have meaning.

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