Ladies, learn to realize the power in your internal stories!

Ladies! Life is challenging at the moment but you are not on the verge of collapse or ruin. Unless, of course, that is the story you are telling yourself.

Do you realize how powerful your internal stories are?

As an example, when a foot of snow falls on your property and you are responsible for clearing it, what do you say to yourself?

“I’m so sick of this! My neck and shoulders are killing me. My hands are freezing, my back is screaming. I can’t do this anymore!”

Or do you say something like, “This will not break me!”

I’ve had both story lines running through my mind this fall/winter. My snow shovel is well worn and my body is weary. When last week’s near-foot of snow fell, my first reaction was the “so sick of this” story.

But something made me say, “This will not break me!” The surge of energy and determination that followed was amazing. I realized again the power of the stories we tell ourselves.

From falling snow to falling investment values, life is giving us plenty to overcome these days. We are engineered to overcome—the resilience of the human spirit is remarkable! You may feel sometimes that other people are resilient, but you are not. That’s a bad story and it’s not true.

You’re still here, still coping, still making your way day by day. That’s how you get to the other side of a challenge. It’s only in looking back that you can appreciate the strength and stamina you had.

So keep going! Find reasons to be grateful, not matter how small they might be. Hang around people who are interested in life and who accept its challenges. Edit your stories to minimize negativity. You’ll feel better. Stronger.

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