Borrow a Page from the 12 step program and take a break!

We all need a break from time to time. Borrowing a page from the 12-step program, here are some things to consider just for today.

Just for today, I will…

Pretend that my life is perfect.
Let my loved ones be themselves with no comment from me.
Appreciate how well my body works even if it doesn’t look like a supermodel’s.
Look past the parched grass to appreciate the blue sky.
Ignore news from Washington.

Just for today, I will…

Be content with what I have.
Slow down to think.
Listen to my partner with true curiosity.
Pay full attention in a meeting.
Work with the resources available.
Believe in the progress we have made.

Just for today, I will…

Step into the background.
Release my desire to control.
Hold my tongue.
Practice serenity.
Refuse to be angered.

Just for today, I will…

Be myself with confidence.
Do my work with pride.
Stop worrying about what ‘they’ think.
Trust that all is as it should be.

One day, one promise. Pick yours and do it… just for today.

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