7 Things You Need to be Successful and 7 Things You Don’t

It is not necessary to make headlines.
It is not necessary to be a celebrity.
It is not necessary to be a millionaire.
It is not necessary to have the biggest, loudest, meanest, coolest anything.

It is not necessary to destroy something to demonstrate your power.
It is not necessary to have a breathlessly romantic relationship.
It is not necessary to plan every life event—financial, social, professional, or otherwise—to secure your future.

It is necessary to figure out who you are.
It is then necessary to be that person. There is only one you. Forever.

It is necessary to learn.
It is necessary to achieve things.
It is necessary to feel valued.
It is necessary to know silence.
It is necessary to find encouragement.

Think about how you spend your time, how you set goals, and how you interact with others. Are you creating your life or imitating someone else’s? Are you taking care of the necessities?

I’ll bet if you spent your lifetime pursuing that short list of necessary things, you might earn some of the things that are not necessary. You’ll find they don’t matter. By taking care of the necessities, you will earn things no money or fame will ever buy—satisfaction, peace, and true joy.

Give it a shot. What have you got to lose?

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