Are Leaders Still Learning to Lead by Example?

The debate over stimulus package elements, timing, and consequences is deafening. Embarrassing, too, as I listen to people who should know what they are talking about flounder in near-hysteria. The emotion of the times appears to overwhelm the logic. That’s worrisome. As I watch and listen, I wonder: Are we learning anything? Does history offer […]

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Stop Moping and Discover Your Capacity Today!

The old saying, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going,” is being sorely tested these days. Amid government bailouts, struggling schools, and declining communities, one searches far and wide for the kind of toughness that gets going to turn things around. It seems our national self-image as rough-hewn pioneers has melted down to […]

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A Word on Our Societal Erosion of Truth

When did it begin, this kinda, sorta, maybe way of thinking that makes right and wrong nothing more than intellectual exercises? When did we become a nation of slick marketing geniuses at the expense of truth, which is the foundation of capitalism? When did a handshake become a chuckle up the sleeve because some dope […]

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The Joy of Learning When You Feel Stuck

Most people hate getting stuck. Whether it’s a problem at work, home or school, or being physically stuck in bad weather or traffic, immobility is irritating. We don’t like being stymied and held down, so a natural reaction is to buck against whatever seems to be constraining us. Which often makes matters worse. Remember the […]

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