A Coping Paradox to Regain Power and Control Over Life

Talk to anyone for ten minutes these days and you’re likely to hear a stream of complaints followed by a long list of offenders. Politicians are currently the Number One Culprit but bosses, parents, teachers, cops, lawyers, even friends and spouses share time on the list.

To everyone who bellyaches about things large and small, I’d like to say Get a grip and Let it go. Please.

Get a grip on your ego.
Get a grip on your emotions.
Get a grip on your reactions.

When the issue is beyond your control, let it go.
When the behavior of others makes you crazy, let it go.
When your best worry changes nothing, let it go.

This represents a paradox, which is the simultaneous existence of seemingly contradictory ideas. How can you get a grip and let it go at the same time? Figuratively, that’s how.

When you get a grip on your ego, you can let go of a lot of annoyances because they’re not about you.

When you get a grip on your emotions, you can let the world do what it will without making yourself crazy.

When you get a grip on your reactions, you can let go of the need to control others, engineer outcomes, or defend your positions.

When you get a grip on yourself, you can let go of a lot of things related to other people and situations. You can choose how to respond rather than being a victim of your reactions.

While the world lurches about in crisis, there is very little you can do about the big issues. There is a great deal you can do about creating the environment within which you live day to day.

Get a grip on this idea and make it a goal. The environment you create with your thoughts, words, actions, and attitude impacts everyone around you. That’s some kind of power! Get a grip on it and let the rest of the nonsense go.

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