How to Be Optimistic in a World Full of Negativity

It’s tough to be optimistic in a world full of negativity. Trouble surrounds us, rudeness seems to be the order of the day for too many people, and the news moves from bad to worse day after day.

No wonder a lot of people look fatigued and sad, as though life has pummeled them into submission and the best of what they had hoped for has somehow passed them by.

How untrue that is! But sometimes it’s hard to be hopeful.

What to do? First, dare to dream. This can be a big, scary thing to do because there are so many dream-squelchers around. Dream-squelchers are people who laugh at us when we try to be as good as we know we can be. They ridicule our efforts or belittle our ideas. Dream-squelchers are barriers to progress and they come in many forms—difficult people, economic challenge, broken homes, educational disadvantage. Real dreams don’t care about these things; they live on, patiently waiting for us to embrace them.

Next, shut out negativity. Whether it’s the daily news, crabby people, or incessant complainers, choose to be as far away from negative influences as you can. It’s essential in sustaining your energy and it can mean changing habits, finding new friends, or simply ignoring what used to drag you down.

Make it a point to seek out energetic, optimistic people. They may seem rare in your world, but they are certainly out there.

Tune out complainers. They will always be part of our world, but if you simply allow them to be who they are without feeling a need to engage or change them in any way, you’ll feel better.

Seek out good reading material, TV and movies. Look for books and articles that educate and entertain; blogs that offer encouragement rather than trash talk.

Choose TV and movies that challenge your thinking, celebrate strength, and offer inspiration. You’ll find ways to nourish and sustain what’s best inside you and you’ll be inspired to look for the best in others, too.

Feed yourself well. Good and tasty food that supports your energy is as easy to prepare as junky food. Yes, it takes time to adjust your habits, but it’s worth the effort.

Move your body. Get up! Walk, jog, dance, swim, ride your bike, play recreational sports, do whatever you can think of to get your blood moving. You’ll be amazed at how your mood improves as well.

This is not fluffy, happy-face stuff. Changing personal habits is a very difficult thing to do. That’s why so many people never do it. That’s why so many people look tired and defeated. It takes determination and discipline, strength and stamina and patience to fortify yourself. Start small, but start now. Find a buddy to support and encourage you. Preparing for a future of challenge and success is a lot more motivating than getting through another mundane day. As some famous person once said, “Try it! You’ll like it!”

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