Harnessing the Power of Confidence in the Workplace

I was struck, in watching NFL games over the weekend, how powerful an edge confidence gives to a player and a team. My Green Bay Packers, on top of the world when Favre was on top of his game, have fallen to an abysmal state they suffered for 13 long years before Brett showed up. Now new coaches, new players, new game plans, and a palpable lack of confidence plague them on the field.

Contrast the lackluster Packers game to the Manning Bowl later in the evening. Brothers Peyton and Eli Manning, both quarterbacks, faced off against each other with Mom and Dad looking on. Both men stepped into their roles with confidence and their teams played with conviction as well. The game was full of energy, creativity, and determination. It was fun to watch! Confidence is contagious.

This is true in all walks of life. People who are confident of their abilities and aware of their role in a system are a joy to behold. They act with conviction, shake off—but learn from—mistakes, and generally keep moving forward despite setbacks. They exude energy. They encourage others. They learn and grow and enjoy the process.

People who lack confidence become liabilities to their teams. Whether in sports, business, at school, or in a family, the people who question their own ability or worth drain vitality from everyone around them.

Where does confidence come from? In a word, mastery. Learning a skill, developing a trait, understanding that your efforts make a difference, proving to yourself that you can recover from setbacks.

Confidence gives you the energy to face a new day regardless of what happened yesterday. Confidence combines the art of the long view with the chutzpah of the present moment. Now isn’t everything, but it’s a great barometer. The future is shaped by today’s events and confident people relish the challenge.

Where do you stand with regard to confidence? Do you believe in yourself and your abilities? Do you take on the challenges of the day with eagerness and energy? Do you encourage people around you to step into their own game with strength and determination?

Confidence is an amazing asset to you and the people you care about. Cultivate it. Shape it to serve the situation you’re in. Be proud of who you are and what you can do. And remember that confidence is built over time by people who have a goal, accept feedback, and keep working.

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