Angry at Work? Use the 24-Hour Rule and Succeed

That’s it. You’ve had it. The jerk at work has finally pushed you past your limit and you’re ready to let him have it.

Wait. Before you open your mouth to spit out all the stupid things the jerk has said or done to you over however many months, go to your room–literally or figuratively–and do some thinking.

Make a list of all the things you’re mad about. Write as fast as you can and make the list as long as you can make it.

Now make a list of all the people at work who know the guy’s a jerk. These are your potential allies.

Next make a list of his allies. Who does he know, hang out with, brown-nose, do favors for, happen to be related to?

Compare your allies to his and decide who has the bigger power base.

Now go back to your list of complaints. Who has seen or heard the same things you have? Here’s an important question: Who cares?

Give yourself 24 hours to think about your lists and decide what specific outcome you want from a confrontation. Consider, too, the ramifications of taking him on. If, after you’ve taken a day to think this through, you’re still boiling mad and determined to get some satisfaction, have at it. Be aware of what it might cost you as well as what you stand to gain. You’re creating an opportunity to demonstrate who you are and, believe me, people will be watching.

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