Technology, and the successful people who use it

Jason Weaver, CEO of SWAY Connection Marketing, is a techno-genius. I spent the morning with him yesterday and I was amazed at his incredible knowledge of current technology and the way in which he ties applications to important benefits. As he talked, he played his laptop like an old-fashioned pinball machine, showing me what he meant. His joy at using this stuff is palpable! I had a blast watching him. I might have learned something, too.

Techno-sophistication extends across a very wide spectrum from Jason at one end to the near techno-dolt at the other. That’s me. I used to feel bad about not staying current with technology or its many benefits, but I’ve gotten over that.

We all bring different skills and abilities to the great game of business–and life, for that matter. Why, I wonder, do so many people compare themselves to others and end up feeling inadequate? Why not look instead at what they’re really good at, how it fits in a very complex and ever-changing kaleidoscope of what’s needed, and get the same kind of crazy joy out of what they do as Jason does?

Technology has been a sexy industry for a long time. Its contributions to our society are well documented and there’s a lot more to come. It has changed our language, some of our customs, and certainly a lot of our working habits. But let’s remember it’s a tool. There are still a few jobs that require no technology whatsoever that can have an impact far more powerful than any microchip ever will.

Try an understanding smile, a kind word, an act of forgiveness.

We humans are wired for greatness. Let’s not forget that as we play with our powerful tools.

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