Can’t stop talking?  You will be someone others avoid.

Several weeks ago I sat down with three other people for a networking coffee.  None of us were friends, though we all knew one another’s names and had some sense of the work we do.  After the usual introductions, our conversation touched on a variety of topics from leadership to emotional intelligence to millennial’s to the awful political season we are enduring.  One member of the group dominated the discussion, having something “profound” to say about everything.   This individual was clearly on a mission to convince the rest of us of his superior knowledge and intelligence by throwing out quotes from Aristotle, Socrates and scripture, cliches from science and sports, and buzzwords from technology and business.

While each gem might have been impressive and impactful on its own—particularly if allowed to be savored and responded to by others—the deluge of information and non-stop nature of the speaker’s delivery left the rest of us frustrated and fatigued.

This is not someone to invite to a party.  Or a committee meeting.  Or a team building session.

The moral of this brief story:  If you are someone who cannot stop talking,  you will be someone others avoid.

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