Kids, Forget Micro-aggressions, Go Find Micro-opportunities!

As students flock back to college campuses this Fall, trigger warnings, micro-aggressions and safe spaces are all the rage. Someone started the notion that college kids are too vulnerable to read great literature if it contains themes or passages that may be tough to encounter, too weak to be subjected to harsh language, and too innocent to be exposed to beliefs, ideas, or practices that are unfamiliar.

Hey college kids, here’s a different idea: Instead of policing your environment for micro-aggressions, keep your eyes and ears open for micro-opportunities. Besides the fact that you usually find what you are looking for, a search for opportunity will put you in rare company. While the crowds are seeking injury, you can be happily finding new chances to learn, grow and succeed without too much competition.

As your fellow students expend vast stores of energy being irritated, angry, or scared silly, you can channel your energy into building strength, conviction, and a future.   Don’t worry if they try to condemn you for taking unfair advantage of the situation; just go grow. We will need your sharpened intellect, imagination and grit to fortify the future.

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