Leadership Lessons from Netscape’s Past

I’ll admit to being a Netscape user (aka techno dolt?). I’ll also admit to being really unhappy with their Digg-style upgraded homepage. Why would I want the news created and voted upon by “regular” people?

Since when does the average (self-absorbed, hyper-active, multi-tasking, relatively-uninformed) person have the wherewithal to determine what’s newsworthy?

This is not an indictment (necessarily) of the “average person.” It is, however, a comment on the scope and boundaries of responsibility.

Seriously, I’m frightened by the proposition that what we’re reading as news is determined by and voted upon by people who have no business defining news!

Do I care one whit what Tom Cruise is doing now? Is political commentary from a passionate but uneducated populace worth pondering? Where does one go anymore for an objective, dispassionate, fact-based presentation of what’s happening in our world? Is reality TV the answer? Heaven forbid.

I’m having a hard time adjusting to some changes in our world and particularly in American society. The complete disintegration of discipline and an erasure of expectations can only lead to keen disappointment individually and collectively. It may be cool to pretend to be generally disaffected, while at the same time specifically focused on what appeals to the celebrity mindset, but this is a very bad strategy for long-term achievement and success.

The implications for leadership are staggering.

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