How What You Say Exposes Who You Are

Not a week goes by that someone doesn’t say something stupid, then act surprised when they’re called on it. Words are powerful reflectors of what’s inside a person. And since our society has removed almost all barriers of decorum and appropriateness when it comes to saying what’s on our minds, some people reveal a lot […]

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How Good Leaders Approach Decision Making

A lot of people struggle with decision-making as the same three pesky questions come up again and again. 1. What will happen if I do this or that? 2. What will others think of my decision (or more precisely, of me)? 3. What if I’m wrong? Of course there’s anxiety surrounding these questions because the […]

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Want to Establish Trust? Tell the Truth!

Contrary to the current popular belief that “political correctness” is the way to acceptance, I’d like to suggest that telling the truth is a powerful way to establish and fortify trust. When I say this, I am frequently asked: “Whose truth?” I used to be somewhat taken aback by this question because truth seemed an […]

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