Why I’m Proud of Olympic Speed Skater Chris Witty

By accident–actually happy circumstance–of birth, I have the incredible privilege of calling Chris Witty, Olympic Gold Medal speedskating champion, cousin. I’ve enjoyed many years of watching Chris skate, first at the outdoor cinder-sprinkled oval at Wisconsin’s State Fair Park and years later at the wonderful Pettit Center, a world-class training facility. I watched her rumble […]

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A New Year Can Mean a Fresh Start For You

By now you’re back at work after holiday celebrations. Perhaps you took some time to reflect over the break. Maybe you summarized for yourself what worked and what didn’t in 2014. Chances are you made a few mental notes about what you’d like to change in 2015. Resolutions are a traditional feature of a New […]

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On the nature of urgency in your life

I’ve been having very specific conversations with people about how they make decisions and I’ve been struck by the emphasis on speed. Speed is good, I’m told, because it conveys a sense of urgency. Urgency is critical to success! Speed builds momentum and engages people’s enthusiasm. Speed is proof that decision makers know what they’re […]

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The Effects of Confidence on Diversity and Gender

A friend sent two articles to me recently that highlighted diversity and gender issues. One criticized white University of Chicago students for hanging out in “gangsta gear,” drinking beer, and acting like they thought they were cool. Seems to me that’s pretty harmless college age messing around, but enough people thought it was in poor […]

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Existing ways of thinking are not good enough

Though not an early adopter by any stretch of the imagination, I’m looking forward to using this medium to talk about confidence–backbone–what it is, the skills that build it, and what it can accomplish in the world. I’ll also deal with things that are not confidence, though sometimes they masquerade as such. Things like ignorance, […]

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