Captain Immaturity and Politics

I don’t typically comment on politics.  I learned long ago that everyone has an opinion and it is usually based on personal experience.  But as Founder of Backbone Institute, I cannot sit silent after last night’s vice-presidential debate.

I am keenly disappointed in Joe Biden’s behavior.  As a girl, I listened from time to time as Joe spoke about international affairs.  I was 8 years old when JFK was assassinated and I remember exactly where I was when I heard the news.  (I remember, too, where I was when his brother Bobby was killed.)

Those were scary times.  Cuba, Communism, and bomb shelter drills were standard fare.  JFK represented youthful vigor and a positive voice of freedom and courage in the world.  Joe Biden did, too.  I admired him for being a statesman.  Articulate, serious, and knowledgeable, Joe Biden made me feel safe.  Reassured that strong men stood ready to protect us all.

Last night, I saw a Joe Biden I did not recognize.  This was not a man of principle and backbone, this was a bully.  A disrespectful and aggressive man who did not look or sound like a statesman.  While we at Backbone Institute are working hard to teach people how to think critically, speak with clarity and respect others who have different points of view, the example Joe Biden set demeans his past and mocks the hard work of those who want to be admired and respected as he once was.


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