Pay Attention to What’s on Your Mind to Move Forward in Life

A month ago I had the privilege of time and space away from everything normal. I was in Hawaii visiting friends, seeing spectacular sights, and enjoying the power and peacefulness of the ocean. I purposely unplugged for the week and found it to be one of the best decisions I’ve made in some time.

As I watched waves rush in and roll out, I began to think about the choices people make. Experience tells me that we rarely view our actions as choices, but rather as compunctions of one sort or another. We act based on circumstances and the stories we tell ourselves about causes and effects. Interesting.

We live in noisy, distracting environments that create stress and worry. But these same environments create opportunity and luck. Where is the line that separates one from the other? Could it be in our minds? In our habits? In the ways we try to cope with circumstances that threaten to overwhelm us?

For centuries, psychologists have been telling us that the way we think determines the way we live. But thinking takes time and time is a commodity most of us don’t have enough of. Well, that’s not true. Every one of us has the same amount of time. How we use it varies and so, predictably, do our accomplishments.

What’s on your mind these days? Slow down long enough to listen to your thoughts. Are you worried? Many people are. Are you determined to make your life better? Do you look for ways to improve? Do you talk to people who can help you?

Pay attention to what’s on your mind. If it is not giving you satisfaction or getting you where you want to go, change it. You can, you know.

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