Sometimes For Life’s Challenges, Only You Will Do

I think a lot about little boys and girls who grow up surrounded by life’s challenges: depression, alcoholism, marital discord, economic need, illness, lack of education, you name it.

There are many people and programs who seek to reach these children to offer them hope and a helping hand. But programs come and go with changing social moods and funding pressures. When this happens, kids experience uneven levels of attention over disjointed periods of time. Sometimes this makes them wonder if they really matter.

I think of the big boys and girls I know at all ages and stages of life who are also surrounded by life’s challenges. Some they create. Some they imagine. Some make them wonder if they really matter.

To all these kids, little and big, here’s something to consider: Whether you realize it or not, there are times when people are in need and only you will do.

Only your voice can lift their spirit.
Only your hand can transmit comfort and warmth.
Only your smile can relight the pilot light of their soul.
Only your presence can convey safety and strength.
Only your face will do.

Only your history can offer connection.
Only your future can offer a reason to go on.
Only your laughter can lighten their burden.
Only your call can make them believe.
Only your understanding will do.

Only your life can serve as an example of endurance.
Only your manner can make them feel at home.
Only your promise can make them believe.
Only your questions make them want to find answers.
Only you will do.

Somewhere today somebody is remembering something you said or did or the sound of your laughter or the smile in your eyes. A memory of you is the one bit of energy that keeps them going for one more day.

When you wonder if you matter, close your eyes and remember that sometimes only ordinary you will do. When you encounter someone who struggles with life’s challenges, find a reason to tell them that right now, in this moment, only they will do for you.

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