Good Leaders Can Answer These Questions Right

Leadership development is a critical and ongoing need in all walks of life. As such, it gets a lot of attention. But in addition to strengthening the designated competencies and traits important to your role as a leader—the intellectual side of the leadership ledger—there are other things that followers want to know about you. Consider these the emotional side of the job.

Incidentally, these questions pertain whether you are a corporate, not-for-profit, or community leader, a police officer, a principal, or a parent. No matter where you serve, when others look to you for leadership, here’s what’s on their minds.

1. Do you know what you’re talking about?
2. Do you know where you’re leading us?
3. Do you care about me?
4. Can you influence others?
5. Are you perceived as a winner?
6. Will you reward my efforts?
7. Will you give me credit for what I accomplish?
8. Are you excited about “our” success?
9. If you go down or leave, will I get hurt?
10. Are you consistent in these answers?

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