Make Yourself Proud When You Vote

We stand at the eve of a presidential election. The most important one in a generation, according to some. The most important ever, according to others. I don’t know about either assertion because I wasn’t old enough to understand the threats we faced in a World War scenario. Similarly, I didn’t know what President Kennedy faced in the Bay of Pigs crisis. I was old enough to admire him. Although we didn’t have rock stars at the time, by today’s standards, that’s certainly what I would have considered him. I was eight and a half years old when he was assassinated.

Emotion is a powerful thing. It often erupts early and matures over time.

This election is hugely emotional—a ‘cume’ effect built up over the past 16 years. Bill Clinton had us “grazin’ in the grass;” W has us face to face with troubles of all kinds.

But because we haven’t been paying too much attention, we don’t really know where our troubles actually came from or what we should do about them. We rely on journalists to help us understand the history, implications and ramifications of today’s decisions.

What we hear feels iffy.


Your vote tomorrow (yes, I recognize many have already cast their votes) will determine the future of our country.

Do you recognize your power?

Please think carefully this night about the kind of country you want to live in.

Our country affords us an amazing opportunity to create the circumstances within which
we would be happiest, most productive, most creative and most proud of ourselves. And it requires us to act.

Think carefully about circumstances. What conditions do you want to exist in this country to help you feel proud of yourself, your accomplishments, and your ability to influence the future? What freedoms do you count on from your country to make your dreams real?

When you enter the polls tomorrow, you will have a completely independent voice. No one needs to know what you said. But you will know. Your voice, your vote is a right of citizenship. You don’t need to justify it to anyone. But you do need to confront your mug in the mirror. Please make sure you’re proud of you.

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