Make the Time to be Good

It’s another bitter cold day in the Midwest, perfect for musing over a hot cup of coffee. I’m thinking this morning about my clients, the political environment, football, and how we humans make our way through life. Here are some things I’ve observed and learned. I hope they invite you to consider what’s true for you.

People want to be good, even great, but many don’t (or won’t) make time or establish the discipline to do so.

We get surprised by unhappiness, but if we paid attention every day, we’d realize that often we create it.

There is goodness in every day. There is evil in every day. We find pretty much what we’re looking for.

We can control what we see and think about; therefore we truly can shape our future.

A lot of people have no idea what to do to change their circumstances. Fear produces paralysis.

The pictures in our minds are different from the pictures in the minds of others. When we describe our picture, the picture others see may not match. We need to learn how to deal with the disappointment of being misunderstood.

I don’t always say what I mean.

I feel sad when what I say creates unhappiness that I didn’t intend.

I will never be perfect, despite my best intentions. This pleases me!

Despite this awareness, I will always try to be perfect. Ugh.

Service is a better motivation for leadership than power.

Competition is destructive when it causes us to focus on what others are doing instead of studying success.

Adversity creates powerful alliances. Some are friends; some are enemies. We need to consider this carefully.

Time changes everything. We either grow or deteriorate.

We can build or destroy and we’d better know the difference.

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