Lessons Learned About Faulty Assumptions

2006 was an intriguing year. As I worked with people from virtually all walks of life, I took a lot of notes, listened to thousands of conversations, and realized that most of us carry around big sets of faulty assumptions that make our work and our lives more complicated and difficult than they need to be. See if any of these resonate. I hope some will make you chuckle. More than that, I hope they’ll get you thinking about your own faulty assumptions. Happy New Year!

If it’s clear to me, it’s clear to you. If it’s not, you’re deficient.

If we work in the same company, our personal objectives are similar.

If you’re older or younger than me, you probably don’t understand me.

In working together, you’re probably going to want to achieve your goals at the expense of mine.

If you’re a man and I’m a woman, you’re probably going to act superior and condescending. You’re going to be wary of me and expect me to be difficult. (The reverse is also true.)

Baby Boomers are wealthy. Gen X and Gen Y are wealthy. (Don’t we all wish?)

Baby Boomers are selfish. Gen X and Gen Y are selfish. (A basis for common understanding?)

Consultants are smarter than homegrown talent.

Consultants are manipulative and greedy; they’ll tell us anything to make themselves look smart.

Men are not to be trusted.

Women are not to be trusted.

If I’ve experienced it once, it is true forever more.

My experience constitutes reality.

My intentions are noble; yours are suspect.

I understand you better than you understand yourself as far as my product or service is concerned. If I can educate you (assuming you have the capacity to learn), you will be happy.

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