Want to Reinvent? Take the Thinking Challenge

The title of Chapter Five in my book How to Grow A Backbone (ISBN: 978-0-8092-2494-4) is “Expand and Contract: Your Thinking Must Change.” The theme of the January-February 2010 issue of Harvard Business Review is “Reinvent.” In a variety of articles, readers are repeatedly encouraged to rethink where they are; reassess assumptions, roles, and links […]

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Finding Your Hidden Leadership Potential

Several years ago I had the privilege of teaching an MBA Leadership course at a private college where enrollment is almost exclusively female. We had one brave male in class a couple of times. Each time, he added a great dimension to our discussions because of his willingness to share his perspective and because he […]

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Inside MPS’s School System Reform Debate

I have been following the debate over the fate of MPS schools and felt it was time to share an insider’s perspective on what a particular public school reform looked like at the tactical level. When Mayor Michael Bloomberg took control of the failing public school system in New York City in 2002, he was […]

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What to do when bored with negativity

I’ve been away from my blog and any sort of writing for quite some time. A long time, actually. In talking with Steve Jagler, editor of Biz Times Milwaukee, I justified my online silence with stories of client work, speaking engagements, and general busy-ness. I’m just like most of my clients. So why would I […]

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What We Really Need From Public Education

The debate rages on about so many things in public education. The size of classrooms, content of curriculum, whether grades should be granted or a pass/fail system is better. The role of vouchers. How much teachers should be paid. What principals should know how to do. Whether school boards help or hinder educational progress. Whether […]

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