Grooming your Companies Best and Brightest

Companies talk a lot about attracting and retaining the “best and brightest” as a means of improving their competitiveness and success, but when I ask for a description of the B&B, I get a lot of generalizations. Top of graduating class, proven track record, natural leader, high-energy ‘can do’ attitude, results orientation. Great characteristics, all. […]

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We All Have Different Workplace Skills

I spent the weekend doing something I hate–working on taxes. My kitchen table looks like how my brain feels: scattered, piled, pseudo-organized. Painstakingly, I made my way through receipts, carefully recording sums in the proper places, tallying once, twice, three times to make sure no error would invite an IRS visit. This is an over-reaction […]

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Finding Your Voice in the Workplace

It’s time to begin work on a new book and I vaguely dread the isolation and difficulty of extracting thoughts and feelings from my being to share them with interested others. It’s hard work–even exhausting sometimes–because until you see words on the page, you don’t necessarily know what you really feel about things. Coming face-to-face […]

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