Tips for Organizations on Keeping Top Talent

I hear it almost daily when I ask organizational leaders what their greatest challenges are: “Retaining our best and brightest.” “Keeping top talent.” When I ask what sorts of things they’re doing to meet this retention challenge, I hear an assortment of benefit ideas, some incentive compensation plans, and a smattering of development programs. Cosmetic […]

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The Every Day Art of Practicing Leadership

Contrary to the notion that leadership is a rare position reserved for the elite among us, I believe that leadership is an everyday art and discipline. I believe this because every person, no matter his or her station in life, influences others through word, action, and attitude. Try to get through one day without having […]

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Don’t Lose Organizational Knowledge. Start Sharing Now

There’s a lot of talk and growing concern about the potential loss of organizational knowledge as Baby Boomers reach retirement age and younger workers face the prospect of heightened executive responsibilities with sometimes-meager preparation. There are several aspects to this issue. The first is the unfortunate fact that organizations typically do not invest in training […]

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Are you on Auto Pilot as a Person?

Have you ever stopped dead still and asked yourself, “What am I doing?” If you haven’t, please do. And pay attention to the answer. I’m amazed at the numbers of people I encounter who are on auto-pilot. You’ve surely heard the expression, “The lights are on, but nobody’s home.” That sums up a lot of […]

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A Word on Customer Abuse, Telecom Style

Memo to the new AT&T powered by SBC: Get your facts straight and your systems aligned before you trumpet exciting service offers or incredibly low pricing. And spare me the bit about excellent customer service. As a loyal DSL customer, you offered me favorable renewal rates if I upgraded my service online. In a letter […]

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