Make Yourself Proud When You Vote

We stand at the eve of a presidential election. The most important one in a generation, according to some. The most important ever, according to others. I don’t know about either assertion because I wasn’t old enough to understand the threats we faced in a World War scenario. Similarly, I didn’t know what President Kennedy […]

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What to do when bored with negativity

I’ve been away from my blog and any sort of writing for quite some time. A long time, actually. In talking with Steve Jagler, editor of Biz Times Milwaukee, I justified my online silence with stories of client work, speaking engagements, and general busy-ness. I’m just like most of my clients. So why would I […]

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What We Really Need From Public Education

The debate rages on about so many things in public education. The size of classrooms, content of curriculum, whether grades should be granted or a pass/fail system is better. The role of vouchers. How much teachers should be paid. What principals should know how to do. Whether school boards help or hinder educational progress. Whether […]

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Make the Time to be Good

It’s another bitter cold day in the Midwest, perfect for musing over a hot cup of coffee. I’m thinking this morning about my clients, the political environment, football, and how we humans make our way through life. Here are some things I’ve observed and learned. I hope they invite you to consider what’s true for […]

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Lessons Learned About Faulty Assumptions

2006 was an intriguing year. As I worked with people from virtually all walks of life, I took a lot of notes, listened to thousands of conversations, and realized that most of us carry around big sets of faulty assumptions that make our work and our lives more complicated and difficult than they need to […]

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Maintaining optimism in a world gone mad

It’s another Monday and people head to work amid headlines that can only make you shake your head. A man ax-murders his mother. The world reels from unimaginable violence. Cancer is on the rise. Kids are angrier than ever. People are calling one another vile names, arguing over intentions, and threatening retaliation. What’s going on […]

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