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Through Backbone Institute Techniques for Personal and Professional Growth

Welcome to Backbone Institute, where your growth is our primary goal. We are animated by the belief that you can be better—stronger, happier, more confident, more successful in whatever ways uniquely satisfy you.

At Backbone Institute, we don’t think in terms of programs. We think in terms of growth, transformational growth. That’s a big idea, but we don’t subscribe to any sort of Big Bang theory. We know from experience that growth takes time. Sometimes a lot of time. That’s not always very satisfying, but it is comforting on those days when you feel a little clunky.

We offer products and services to individuals and businesses to instill new competence through mastery of five fundamental skills in an action-learning format:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Decisiveness
  • Clarity of Communication
  • Integrity of Word and Act
  • Consistency

We will help you identify your current level of confidence, and map out steps you need to take to build on it. Backbone Institute fuels your appetite for taking intelligent, purposeful risk in order to realize your dreams.

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