How to Grow a BackboneWelcome to Backbone Institute, LLC, where your growth is our primary goal. We are animated by the belief that you can be better—stronger, happier, more confident, more successful in whatever ways uniquely satisfy you.

At Backbone Institute, we don’t think in terms of programs. We think in terms of growth, transformational growth. That’s a big idea, but we don’t subscribe to any sort of Big Bang theory. We know from experience that growth takes time. Sometimes a lot of time. That’s not always very satisfying, but it is comforting on those days when you feel a little clunky.

Through workshops, books, podcasts, keynote addresses, personal coaching, and facilitator training, Backbone Institute brings you tested and proven development and accountability tools and techniques along with personal progress monitors. We’ll help you track your growth because progress creates energy to keep going.

By getting good at the things you yearn to do, you’ll build confidence, which fuels your appetite for taking intelligent, purposeful risk in order to realize your dreams. Competence, confidence and risk taking are the three powerful elements of Backbone.

If you are ready to grow and looking for challenge, accountability, encouragement and support, we want to help you.

Mission Statement:

Backbone Institute exists to create a stronger, more confident future one person at a time.


Do you have a great story about how you are building backbone?   Send it to us.  We’ll post the best stories each month.